Speaking, Education, and Workshops

In addition to working as an artist, Beto also works with individuals and organizations, leading workshops, classes, and initiatives. He has worked privately with individual artists throughout the country, consulting on artistic projects as well as strategies for successful fundraising and research acquisition. In addition, he has worked with organizations such as the Irish Arts Center and the Asian American Arts Alliance, teaching classes and workshops with them. 

For information on any of the subjects, or to begin a conversation with Beto about working with you, please email him at betoobyrne@gmail.com


  • How to Give and Receive Feedback
  • Grant Writing 101
  • Audience Engagement 101
  • Creative Inspiration Techniques for Individual Arists
  • Crafting Personal Statements for Individual Artist
  • Time management self-care for artists


  • Playwriting
    • Playwriting and Story Basics (Elementary)
    • Playwriting Lab- The Full Length Play (Beginner)
    • Rewriting Lab (Intermediate)
    • Playwriting for Performance (Advanced)
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Basics of Collaboration Ensemble Building and Devised Theatre: Techniques and Approaches
  • Theatre History: Mexican-American Theatre
  • Audience Engagement and Community Development: Techniques and Strategies
  • Not-for-Profit Fundraising:
    • Principles of Fundraising for the Theatre (Beginner)
    • Principles of Grant Writing for the Theatre (Intermediate)
    • Principals of Funding Campaigns and Seasons (Advanced)

Private Consultation

  • Dramatic Writing
  • Sensitivity Reader
  • Fundraising for Individual Artists
  • Career Planning and consultation

Institutional Consultant

  • Institutional Giving and Grant Writing
  • Funder reporting
  • Anti-Racism programming
  • Audience Engagement and Community Development