Concert Photography

I love music. I love concerts. I will shoot your concert.

I am available for shooting your band, music, or venue. I am a performing musician as well, so you get a photographer that knows what it's like to be onstage as a performer, and  in the crowd as a fan. For performers who are early in their career, I know what it’s like, so I will work with you on pricing. I do have minimum requirements and needs, and we will put together a contract that can work out best for everyone.

If you are interested in having me shoot for you, send me an email at and tell me a little bit about your band, the gig you want me to come shoot (please make sure to include date, address, and time), and any special requests that you have for the shoot, like if you want me to do headshots for the band, press photos, etc.

Here are a few samples of my work!